What To Do With Left Over Medicines


Every household has at least one bottle of partially opened, unused, or expired medicine. Much as we try, these medicine bottles, most often than not, will never be emptied of what’s inside. The moment we feel we’re better, we ditch taking meds and tend to forget that they are there stashed away in the medicine cabinet. Worst, we just leave them out in the open anywhere in the house, making them accessible by just about anyone. But leaving medicine bottles within reach is generally not a safe practice.

There is an increasing number of children and teens using various medications illegally. Most of these cases started at home where they have easy access to leftover medicine bottles. They don’t know what these things are for, making them prone to overdose and, worse, addiction.

Disposing of medicines in the trash seems like a good idea but it is not. Eventually, it will end up harming the environment.

Segregate Toxic  Substances

Opened, unwanted, or expired medicines should be disposed of in the hazardous waste bin. You shouldn’t mix it in other trash bins because it will end up getting dumped in landfills.

The best solution is to put it in a single box that is properly labeled.

Medical wastes have to go through a different disposal process (usually by way of incineration) compared to regular household trash.

Visit The Nearest Hospital or Medical Care Facility

Medical facilities follow the proper protocol for waste disposal. If you can’t segregate wastes at home, then the best way to dispose of these medicines is to bring it to these facilities. It is safe to leave it to them. Pharmacies and clinics do the same protocol as well. Be sure to leave the bottles properly labeled so they know which is which and how to deal with each one properly.

It is always a good idea to leave your medicine cabinet clean and free from these unwanted medications. By doing so, you keep your family safe from an unwanted overdose. So properly dispose of it as soon as you don’t need it anymore.