Working Out Associated with Decreasing Risk of Cancer


Many gyms see an influx of attendance during the first month of the year, thanks to New Year’s resolutions geared on having a healthier lifestyle and fitter build.  As the year progresses though, the number of gym-goers decreases as their motivation wanes.

In the US, about 40% of cancer cases have been linked to obesity. If only for this reason, we should be highly motivated to commit to improving our general well-being.

No single way is proven to prevent cancer, but there are tips to help you stick to your workout plans which can help you achieve a healthier well-being.

Adapt a Lifestyle Goal

We are living in a fast-paced world that makes prioritizing our health seem unobtainable. The Ohio State University Comprehensive Care Center suggests setting specific and realistic goals that are challenging and at the same time quantifiable and personally significant.

This can come in a commitment to walk one mile every day with somebody you can have deep conversations with to make the commitment more pleasurable to accomplish. You can also spend 30 minutes of your day for steady breathing exercises to help you release stress and be more focused.

People have actually discovered that it is more beneficial to set fitness goals that have actual payoffs, like training for a hike for a future trip. A healthy lifestyle that is easy to sustain is something that you can attain in your actual life, so keep this in mind when you set your lifestyle goals.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

Thirty percent of people in the US are considered obese while seventy percent are considered overweight. And while weight loss is not a clinically proven way to reduce the risk of having cancer, studies suggest that the chronic inflammation that comes with being overweight poses a big risk. It is therefore recommended to incorporate foods that are plant-based and those that are rich in fiber, lean protein, and low saturated fat. By slowly adjusting your diet, you can make sure that you still have the necessary energy to hit the gym.

Establish an Exercise Routine

A good exercise plan is part of the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, so make sure that your regime perfectly suits your lifestyle, capacity, and interest. It is recommended for adults to do cardio exercises like aerobics and other activities that can strengthen their muscles like brisk walking, ballroom dancing, and swimming. Your interest is the most important thing to consider when incorporating an exercise routine so it won’t be hard for you to sustain. 

What to Avoid

At present, tobacco is listed as the primary cause of preventable cancer death. It is found to contain chemicals that damage the DNA, promote cancer, and have lasting health effects. In the same way, excessive alcohol consumption is also believed to increase the risk of cancer.