New Technology Helps Minimize Zipper Arching


People use steam iron to remove pulls and wrinkles on fabrics. But zippers easily shrink when garments it is sewed on makes contact with steam irons. This causes uneven shrinkage in the fabric ruining the symmetry of the garment. Luckily, a new technology has been developed to avoid zipper arching.

Textile Academy Haixi Branch led a groundbreaking research to combat zipper shrinking. They worked with the finest zipper manufacturing companies and other production firms to come with the solution once and for all. They thoroughly inspected raw materials and collaborated on manufacturing secrets and ideas to identify the problem and to solve it.

Temporary Solutions To Avoid Arching in Zippers

Since the people are greatly affected with their zippers shrinking and ruining the garment, here are effective solutions to avoid or to delay the arching issue. First, avoid ironing the zipper directly or the fabric directly attached to it. Second, try playing a fabric over the zipper area when ironing so it does not come in contact with the heat. Third, when making garments, iron the zippers first so it reaches maximum shrinkage before sewing it to the fabric.

The Effective Solution to Stop Zipper Shrinking

The team came up with a highly-probably solution – using polyester filaments. They were able to develop this material along with a new machine that greatly improves the production of zippers. After several trials, the technology proved a visionary in stopping the zipper shrinkage problem.

To prove the effectiveness of the newly developed technology, the team sent the new zippers to a quality assurance center to conduct some tests. None of the zippers arched after the tests. This paved way to a huge development in the zipper manufacturing industry. With this solution, the team are looking forward to deal with other zipper issues like uneven dyeing.

The Chinese group are now helping other local manufacturers to improve their technology so it meets international standards. They aim to gain a larger market so they can share their discovery to other garment businesses.