Fashion Guide from PAQ, YouTube’s Must-See Style Show


PAQ is the top online destination for men who love street style and contemporary fashion. This YouTube streetwear show was launched in 2017 and has since gained a broad audience.  The show features four creative lads from London accept a series of weekly fashion challenges.

Along with the fun, Danny Lomas, Dexter Black, Elias Riaidi, and Shaquille Keith each share their personal styles to the show, which makes it an exceptional combination of distinct fashion tastes. It’s a must-see show more for people who are looking to hone their fashion styles.

Lomas, who was born in Yorkshire, is the trendiest dresser among the four lads with his contemporary interpretation of the fashion styles of the mid-century and the mod subculture.

Living up to his name, Black always wears black from head to toe. Riadi’s skill in pulling off an outfit using bright pastel hues and futuristic clothing and fit has earned him the nickname “Astro-boy.”

Keith, on the other hand, is an art apprentice and is probably the most daring and imaginative among the lot. He mixes straight-off-the-runway couture with oversized hoodies, blue denim, and his signature beret.

The group has over half a million followers on YouTube, and fashion labels are eager to work with them.

Here are some of the best style tips from the foursome:

Danny Lomas

Consider Form, Function

When Lomas sees an item, he groups it into what he can use it for. For example, when he sees a smart rain jacket, he thinks about where he can use it, like during family events or Fashion Week.

Smart dressing means being prepared

Lomas makes sure to wear clothes that can be worn on various occasions. Something he can wear for a quick run to the grocery before heading to meet the Queen.

Loafers are wardrobe staples

Loafers are Lomas’ best friend because of its versatility. Dressing up is so much easier with loafers, even with street style.

Dexter Black

Go Black

It’s a conscious effort for Black to wear an all-black ensemble. For the record, he had worn colors in the past, and it suited him. However, he wants to show that one can create different styles using just one color.

Invest in Old-school Trainers

Retro trainers are making a comeback, and Black is looking forward to the kicks that Jordan and Nike are going to release. Get some of these classics to up your style.

Confidence is Key

Black isn’t afraid to experiment. He wears his punk trousers with trainers, but they’re supposed to go with boots. Black says that if a particular outfit makes you look and feel confident, do not be afraid to give it a try.

Elias Riadi

Start with your trousers or shoes

Riadi suggests deciding on your outfit based on your pants. You can also build your ensemble around your shoes.


Accessorize with jewelry, hats, or sunglasses. Look for pieces that resonate with your personality.

Consider your body type

Get to know your body type, and build your outfit on that. Go for cuts that complement your silhouettes.

Shaquille Keith

Go with your mood

Keith reveals he doesn’t stick to one fashion style and dresses according to how he is feeling on that day. From him, it’s like showing that life has no boundaries.


Keith has done a lot of DIYs. He has made vests out of T-shirts and added sleeves to some of his tees. Fashion for Keith is about making people understand your fashion sense.

Be Inspired by the Past

The music and arts of different eras have influenced Keith’s fashion sense. He has copied style ideas from Tupac, Basquait, Cam’ron, and other artists from past cultures.