Seventy-dollar dress from Zara has own IG account


The heat has officially kicked in and when rummaging your wardrobe for that perfect summer dress is too much work; check out a single IG account for the answer. A certain polka-dot Zara dress has gone viral in the U.K., and now it’s gotten a following over the U.S. And why wouldn’t anyone rave about it? It looks impressive on anyone who wears it.  

When you think of an item of clothing that’s gone viral, a black and blue dress comes to mind, for some, it’s gold and white, but you get it. “The Dress” on the other hand, won’t have you questioning whether you know your colour wheel. It’ll make you take out your purse and get it on your next shopping trip.

The price to pay is under $70 on the official Zara website, and it is breezy enough appropriate for the current season and trendy enough to have it still out when autumn comes. It fits perfectly on all body types.

It’s excellent for OOTD, very Instagram-worthy. It’s suitable for that backyard barbecue with friends. It’s the best for that brunch planned out with girlfriends and even when it’s that time you have to go to the doctor for whatever appointment.

“The Dress” seen its first light in February but only recently became popular on social media. As more and more people post sightings of said dress, Faye Oakenfull created an Instagram account dedicated to this midi length-loose on the waist-fresh-flowy-black and white monochrome-polka dot dress.

It started out as an “awkward fashion moment”-think two people wearing the same dress on one occasion, pictured and posted on an Instagram story. From that moment, things escalated and “The Dress” has gone viral since. Oakenfull recounted to The New York Times her meet-and-greet with “The Dress” up to the time when people began DM-ing her photos of their encounters (wearing it or seen on other people). The number of messages she received regarding the dress prompted her to make an Instagram account just for the dress, and the stan culture did its thing.

The next time the age-old problem of “I don’t have anything to wear” bothers you, check Oakenfull’s Instagram posts.