How to be glam with fun and simple makeup tricks


Imagine how makeup can give someone a makeover- from a simple to a jaw-dropping look. Owning a makeup is basic, but correctly applying it is another thing. Here are some tips to level up your make up use.

Light them up

For easier application, heat your eyeliner with a lighter, and you’ll have that gel eyeliner in no time.

Ocean Inspired

Try a cool eyeliner using different styles and colours. You can choose a scallop design or any ocean-inspired design.

Hashtag it

To get that desired smokey eye, you can draw a hashtag on your lid then spread it unto the whole eyelid.

Magic Pins

Use bobby pins to achieve an eyeliner wing by applying a liquid liner to the pin and then using it to line up your eyeliner wings.

Another use of bobby pins would be changing your ordinary brush into a fan brush. Just put the bobby pins at the base of the brush, and you’ll get that fluffiness.

White Base

A white base will surely make your eyeshadow stand out. Apply a white base first then choose any colour of eyeshadow to dab.

Heated Curlers

If you notice your eyelashes curler not doing its work, you can heat it using a blow dryer.

Mascara Solution

While a saline solution is for contact lenses, you can also use it for your dried mascara. Add a drop or two to your mascara tube, cover then shake. Now, you can enjoy using it until the last drop.

Blush Contour

You can feature your facial structure by applying blush on your temple, browbone, and cheekbones.

Cool Lip Stain

Kool-Aid as Lip Tint? Cool, right? Just dab your fingers on Kool-Aid then apply it in your lips for cherry luscious lips.

Tamed Brow

Spray just enough hairspray to your mascara brush and apply it to your brows to keep it in place.

Matte Finish

You don’t need a matte lipstick for that desired matte finish. One simple trick is to use powder. Just put powder on a tissue paper over your lips.

Pouty Lips

Use two different shade to outline your lips for that all-natural pouty lips.

Homemade Lip Scrub

Once in a while, you need to exfoliate your lips for it to soften and appear luscious. You can exfoliate at home using a solution of 2:1 brown sugar and honey.

Show Them

To emphasize your best features, you can add highlights on your nose line, chin, and areas below the nose and above your brows.

Fix it with Alcohol

Alcohol is a disinfectant, yet it can also be used to repair broken powder. You need to smash until the pieces become small then you need to add Alcohol up to the point that it looks like a paste. Smoothen then cover with tissue paper and leave it to dry. After drying you now have a new press powder.