How to Spot an Authentic Perfume


When purchasing high-priced perfumes, you have to be legitimately sure that it is authentic. You don’t want to be paying for some knockoff, right? As commercialism becomes more and more advanced, especially with the advent of online selling platforms such as Amazon and Shopify, imitations and counterfeit items are also becoming more and more prevalent. Perfumes and colognes are no exception.

Counterfeit colognes are affordable, yes, but it is the quality that makes the original stand out from the rest. So when purchasing, you should aim to be an informed buyer. Knowing the signs and indications of a knockoff can help you as a customer.

Authentic Perfume Buying Checklist:

There are several ways to determine if a perfume is fake or not. The following are three simple ways to ensure that what you are buying are true originals.

  • Assess and know First the seller of the item itself – Most of authentic and high-end perfumes have stalls or walk-in shops that guarantee its products genuineness. It is also a plus factor if you can examine the item personally. Authentic sellers extend that customer service to their buyers.
  • Be wary of cheap ones – Paying attention to the price of the product can give you an instant insight if the perfume is authentic or not. Of course, you want to save some bucks when buying but if the price is way too cheap compared to its normal MSRP, it probably is too good to be true. It could only mean that the item is a cheap imitation.
  • Research the perfume you want to buy – There is not better precaution to take than reading about something you want to buy. The manufacturers website can provide great information about the product which can help in determining its genuineness.

Determining the genuineness

After buying or purchasing the chosen scent you can then further assess its genuineness through various ways.

  • Check the product wrapping – legitimate perfumes have thick and tight cellophane plastic which is pristinely folded to wrap the box perfectly while loose plastic wrap around the box is an indication of a rip-off.
  • Check the brand logo – The logo, the spelling, the font used and even the spacing of each letter should be thoroughly examined. Small errors such as discrepancy in spacing can indicate a sign of an imitation.
  • Check the box – the box or casing of the perfume should be professionally packaged, and it should be made from high-grade paperboard. Counterfeit perfumes are frequently made from thin and frail cardboard box.
  • Smell of scent of the perfume – the last thing you should check is the odor of the perfume itself. Legitimate perfume fragrance can last for four hours if applied to the skin while imitations can only last an hour or more. Opened bottles of genuine colognes can last for several months while counterfeit perfumes can only last for weeks.