What To Know About Hair And Scalp Pain


Does your hair ever feel uneasy? Have you felt that unexplainable soreness on your hair that feels not quite right? Listen carefully: you are not alone because hair pain and scalp pain is real and a lot of people suffer from it!

There are several root causes of scalp pain. It can easily be resolved by exercising a healthy hair care regimen.

Causes of Hair Pain

If you suffer from hair pain, you should know that it is triggered by several unconscious factors that most women do regularly. But the root cause originates from the scalp. As explained by Debra Jaliman, a dermatologist in New York City, the inflamed blood vessels block the nerves of hair follicles. This causes the sensation of pain that is indistinguishable from the hair strand.

The major cause of pain on your hair, specifically your scalp,is not cleaning it. Not cleansing your hair is a habit that directs to an unhealthy scalp, which causes conditions like extreme itchiness and dandruff buildup. This leads to the inkling feeling of your hair aching.

Dirty hair is usually put uptight, like in a ponytail or bun. This does not help in any way. Styling the hair tight, like in ponytails, tight updos, braids, buns, or pigtails, contributes to more sensitivity – eventually, more pain.

People suffering from headaches, like migraine, also experience pain on their hair. However, scalp pain is different for them since even mere brushing and stroking of hair can become extremely painful.

Solution For Hair Pain And Scalp Pain

Lucky for you people experiencing scalp pain, there are ways to help ease and prevent the pain. And it is just so simple to do!

The first thing you should do is shampoo regularly. This can vary among women since each has a different hair type that produces varying amounts of oil in the scalp.

People with oily hair are advised to shampoo daily!

Those with dry hair are recommended to shampoo every two-three days or could use dry shampoo in between! You should also avoid using too many toxic products because the toxic residue goes directly into your blood vessels on the scalp.

Next thing to practice, let your hair down a few days a week! Try to lessen tight updos because this adds up to the pain and sensitivity. Tight updos can even worsen hair loss! Always sleep with your hair free to refrain from torturing the scalp.

Ultimately, proper hair care can help prevent pain in your crowning glory. Let your hair rest and rejuvenate because just like the rest of your body, it needs pampering too!