Searching for scents suited for you


Selecting the ideal scent can be an intricate task. And while picking a trademark scent is essential, perfume experts say you need not choose just one.

Sylvie Ganter, one of Atelier Cologne’s founders, shared the inspiration behind their latest scents during the opening of their first store in Los Angeles. She also shared tips on how to test perfume when shopping and gave advice for those who are new to the world of perfume.

Fragrance for all

Ganter believes that the most marketed perfumes are those that make you feel sexy, but it’s not the vibe you want to convey all the time. Because of this, Ganter decided to cater to women who dislike sensual perfumes by creating citrus-based fragrances.

According to Ganter, citrus is a light scent that makes you feel good and shows who you are.

The scent of the moment

Ganter says perfume-shopping shouldn’t be a stressful experience. She recommends learning about perfumes by always exploring fragrances. By determining the scents you like and dislike, you gradually discover the perfume ingredients that suit your taste.

Apart from that, you might also discover the scents you fancy to wear on varying occasions. Ganter says it’s not about finding that one signature scent, but being able to recognize what scent suits your taste for a particular moment.

Your choice of fragrance can change as quickly as your mood, says Ganter.

Like dressing up, choosing a perfume depends on how you feel at the moment.

Scents differ on every skin, so the most important thing to consider when choosing a perfume is how it suits your personality and mood. Consider perfume as an accessory that makes your outfit complete. When the weather calls for sweaters and jackets, you’d want to have on a scent that is dark and opaque. When it’s sunny and bright, complement your look with a fresh and clean perfume.

Finding your fragrance

When testing scents, Ganter says to spritz the perfume on the paper swatch and not to bring the perfume to your nose as it would affect the scent of the next perfumes that you want to smell.

Once you find a scent you love, test it on your skin then wait for at least 15 minutes. After that time, you’ll find out how the perfume will smell on you when you wear it for several hours. Perfume ingredients differ, which also results in a difference in how long the scent lasts on you.

The perfect perfume

Ganter recommends going for the scent that smells good on your skin. The most effective way to figure this out is to test the fragrance on your wrist. If you can’t resist smelling it, then it’s probably the best one for you at the moment.