Men’s Guide to Accessorizing this Summer


Summer is a challenging time to dress up, as you only have a few inches of fabric to make you look fashionable. Accessories are therefore your best option to make you look good when the temperature rises.

Add these seven pieces to your wardrobe to transform your summer outfit into a good ensemble.

Knitted Tie

A knitted tie is a flexible piece of accessory that you can wear both in warm weather and deep freeze. It can instantly add an air of casualness to an outfit. The likes of Sean Connery and James Dean were seen sporting this prized accessory as part of their nonchalant outfits. 

Use a basic four-in-hand knot to fasten it, and allow the back blade to hang loose behind the front. Wear with a chambray shirt under custom-made separates and you’ve nailed that summer wedding look.

Tote Bag

Though seemingly unlikely, totes have become a menswear staple in the past years. A possible reason for this may be because totes do not create a crease in your blazer as compared to backpacks. It also provides for easier access to your things without having to flail a backpack to your front.

The most stylish tote you can opt for is one made from nylon with a waterproof body which prevents it from being damaged by grubby stains. Choose one that comes in a neutral color so it can complement your entire outfit.

D-Frame Sunglasses

Big sports shades are seemingly the trend for this summer. If you’re not into this style, you can go for a big and angular pair of D-frame sunglasses. They go well with pretty much everything, including linen suit and tailored swim shorts.

Panama Hat

Panama Hats are actually old-fashioned accessories. But depending on what your pair them with, it can actually give you a refreshing and youthful summer vibe. Fling one on with a plain T-shirt with a dark color block and a dark-colored slim trouser made from lightweight fabric.


A neckerchief is simply a decorative accessory that aims to inject a pop of color and frill to your ensemble. Make sure to make keep everything minimal to keep it the highlight of your outfit.  It goes well with crew neck jumper, tailored trousers, and plain white sneakers.

Cross-Body Bags

Cross-body bags are practical and highly versatile. They can be paired with streetwear or a smart-casual outfit. For this season, it can be worn with a boxy shirt and shorts or rolled trousers.

Woven Belt

This accessory instantly adds texture to a summer look, so it’s best to wear it with a low-key outfit like a Cuban collar shirt over a white T-shirt, dark-colored slim-cut trousers, and low top sneakers.